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PostgreSQL or Postgres is an open source object-relation database system that runs on all operating systems. It was created in 1996, and it was developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

The main function of Postgres is to store data securely and to support the data and retrieve it later. PostgreSQL is a powerful database management system and a platform for developing web or other software products.

PostgreSQL can handle a big amount of work from small applications to a large application with many users. PostgreSQL is used by many big companies such: Apple, Cisco, Juniper Network, etc.


PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced database management systems. Actually, it is open source software, and its advantage is stability. Therefore, if you want our developers to develop an application based on PostgreSQL the cost will be low, unlike others database management systems.

If you need support we are available at any time, you can find your answers from our developers, and we offer PostgreSQL support as well. We have the most experienced professionals with many years of experience with PostgreSQL.

What We Create

  • PostgreSQL support
  • PostgreSQL Monitoring
  • PostgreSQL Management
  • Table inheritance
  • Sophisticated locking mechanism
  • Tablespaces
Why Choose Postgresql

Why Choose Us?

We at Atharva System provide a cost-efficient, reliable and fast way for developing your ideas into final success result. We have years of experience working with PostgreSQL. Our success is a guarantee that your goals will be achieved in high quality.

Our developers are available at any time if you need PostgreSQL support, no matter whether it creates small applications or large with many users our developers will handle the work with success.

The top reason why to choose Atharva System

  • Creating high quality product
  • Latest technology implementation
  • Flexible approach and proven development methodologies
  • Capability budling complex applications
  • Secure PostgreSQL solutions
  • PostgreSQL support and maintenance