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Collaborating Creativity with Technology Gives Better Future

Are you looking for HTML5 development solution for your business? You are in the right place! We have both experience and knowledge to make a remarkable difference in creating the best HTML5 solutions for your business requirements.

This is what we offer:

  • Websites (supportive and beneficial for multimedia animations, web banners, audio, and video, for more innovating and engaging websites)
  • Mobile web apps (a tool for mobile apps development that works offline as well)
  • Mobile sites (to add some trend and impact to your business)
  • RIA (Rich Internet Applications)

HTML5 is the newest version and evolutionary standard of HTML. It contains new features, behaviors, and elements, as well as different technologies for building more powerful apps and websites.

Our HTML5 development solutions include:

  • Animations (to add some pretty visuals needed for your business requirements)
  • Mobile apps (essential for your business improvement)
  • Games (dynamic and interactive mobile game apps)

Experts in HTML5 Web Development

We are experts in creating wonderful ideas for successful businesses for our clients, by connecting creativity and technology to the modern applications in order to get much more attractive and alive with HTML5 Development Services. By providing an interactive and unique experience, we build the best sites and web pages via HTML5 Development markup language. It shines with portability and style for the mobile devices.

Hire Dedicated HTML5 Developer with US

Hire dedicated HTML5 Developer with us because we create the best innovative HTML5 development solutions to make your business stand out and be more progressive than ever! As the latest version of HTML standard, HTML5 presents and structures content for the World Wide Web. We use It to improve the readability of the computer language. It’s processing detailed models to extend and rationalize the available document markup and involves APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for more complicated web apps.

Atharva System are proficient in using the new features of HTML5 for graphical and multimedia content such as canvas, audio, and video elements. Our HTML5 developers use DOM (Document Object Model) and APIs as parts of HTML5 in the processes of defining to various tasks. We use its attributes and elements to improve the overall website usage. With the use of this markup language, we provide your project with features for scripting APIs like microdata, canvas, web messaging, history, web storage, drag, and drop, etc.

Our Core Area of Offerings

  • Mobile Web Apps

    Mobile Web Apps

    It is a great contender as development tool for mobile apps. It gives offline support, Database APIs for storing data locally, Video and Canvas to add graphics, geoLocation API etc. With the popularity of handheld devices, we have adopted jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch etc. for developing such solutions.

  • Websites


    HTML5 offers great range of benefits vis-vis traditional HTML. It adds superior support for multimedia animations, animated web banners, steaming audio & video, offline cache which helps building innovating, engaging and user friendly websites. We know the trend.

  • RIA


    We have long experience in developing Rich Internet Applications using HTML5 for multiple business verticals.

    There is everything that you could be looking for.

  • Mobile Sites

    Mobile Sites

    Ubiquitousness of handheld devices has stirred competition within the diverse business segments. Mobile websites are the trend of the day with far reaching impacts. We have already migrated numerous websites from desktop to mobile platform using Plain HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Why Us HTML5

Why Choose Atharva System for HTML5 Development Service?

Choose Atharva System as a leading html5 development company for HTML5 Development Service because we offer professional solutions empowered by strong expertise and continuous experience. The most genuinely made cross-platform websites have logical coding process and improved features such as design, fonts, videos, web apps, etc. HTML5 Development Services structure the web contents and delivers important media contents. It is a cross-platform and markup language as well. It is used for compatibility and visual effects on the mobile devices.

With HTML5 Development we provide fresh apps and games to our clients. It is an excellent option for cross-platform development. We use our knowledge to create a contemporary design with a wide variety of features. Our services enhance your web presence with the best possible solutions for your mobile apps and web pages.