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POS Solutions

We develop POS solutions to help you generate full control over your business and scale your business software.

A Complete </br>POS Solutions</br> System

Streamline operations with POS Systems

We develop multiple POS services and solutions to cover the front-end development and also back office. We offer a huge range of support services including the streamlining of systems, mobile stock management, inventory management software, e-commerce integration, invoicing, and various types of POS integration and support services for businesses from various industries.

Total POS Solutions

Total POS Solutions

We offer you unique and scalable features and functionalities for your POS solution as per your business niche that helps improve your sales and revenue. Get the benefits of our best-in-class total Point of Sale tool expertise.

SAAS Based Application

SAAS Based Application

You do not have to install and run apps on your computers or in their data centers. Cut down on the CAPEX of hardware acquisition, installation, and maintenance, getting our SaaS-based apps given your industry needs.

Bricks & Mortar eCommerce

Bricks & Mortar eCommerce

We provide brick and mortar POS solutions including all types of payment gateway, custom cash register software for conventional touch screens, and other systems like a check, electronic balance transfers (EBT), mobile payments, etc.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Explore the digital and custom automated tools and software solutions considering your unique business needs. We deliver the most suitable custom software services to boost your operation and automate your business thus improving ROI.

Point of sale Software Solutions

Point of sale Software Solutions

Automate and expedite your sales and revenue generation by configuring and using the most advanced custom and scalable point of sales systems with the best brains and experienced team of experts. Make your business faster and better.

Cloud-based POS Systems

Cloud-based POS Systems

With our cloud POS systems, you’ll get everything you require for your brick-and-mortar store or online store to use with your mobile app or web channels. Improve your entire retail management system in the cloud, providing you complete control.

Innovative Way to Build POS Solution

When you think of POS system, there is a predefined process for the software development to create custom and robust products.

Innovative Way to Build POS Solution

Project requirement & Business insight

The first step in this process is to understand the project requirement - what do the clients require from us. It helps us to streamline the development of the project to deliver as per expectations.

Wireframe and Prototype

Wire-framing is the next step, which helps us to understand the flow of functionalities in software development and to create integrated functions in the Point of Sale solution.

UI/UX Design

In this stage, we start creating the UI/UX design which is a crucial part of the POS development services. We create an efficient design and starts development once the client approves the design.

Product Development

After completing the design process, our team of developers gets to the most important part of the process and our project manager defines tasks and assigns these tasks to the developers.

Quality Assurance

An important step in Point of Sale solutions is QA testing. It is an inevitable part of the process due to the low cost. We develop a quality solution that includes usability and compatibility testing.

Software Deployment

Depending on which POS solution you have chosen for your company; we deploy the most suited software. The process of deployment is managed by the developers, and we explain backend functioning.

Why Choose Us

We are a leader in Point of Sale solutions with an in-house team of highly skilled developers, and we use the best practices to develop a scalable solution.

Why Choose Us

POS Software that helps you achieve your business Goals

Our team of developers has rich experience when it comes to building this software. Our product has unique and scalable features and functionalities that aid you to scale your business. We help you to leverage the benefits of our best-in-class Point of Sale tool. Our experts ensure that our clients get quality software with smoother and better functioning. We have several flexible development models that give our clients convenience through our hourly package.

Vast Industry Experience

Ecommerce Ecommerce
Healthcare Healthcare
Real Estate Real Estate
Data Security Data Security

Finest Brains brings your idea to life

We help to keep track of the sales data and acquire customer spending patterns, behavior, and habits by building advanced and customized software. Our team helps to identify regular valuable customers who enhance your customer experience. No matter whether you need the best software for any size of business or even for a franchise, we build software that suits any business. The feature helps you to use the POS for different stores and departments of a store perfectly.

Finest Brains brings your idea to life

Top-notch POS Solutions for Businesses

We help you to ensure that you do not compromise the supplies details or a sales report or any other customer details. While designing custom software for your business we integrate the most standard security techniques and tools.

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How can POS be configured on my website?

We use the latest payment terminal that processes your Point of Sale. It is ready to use once configured.

How can you set up the payment terminals in my POS app?

We help you to activate the payment terminal from the settings and you can activate these terminals and the payment methods instantly.

Why should I use a barcode scanner in this system?

Barcodes help to improve sales effectiveness and save time for a salesperson from manual entry.

How can customer invoices be generated in POS?

For generating customer invoices in Odoo, you have to enable the Invoicing in the point-of-sale settings.

Do I get to share my input in the development process?

Yes. We welcome your feedback in the process and we would develop the required functionality.

How can I get in touch with your support staff at Atharva?

To get in touch with the sales and support staff, use the below details:

Phone: +91 79 4898 8801

Email: contact@atharvasystem.com

Skype: sales.atharva

Change the Way You Work with Tailor-made Solution

Change the Way
You Work with
Tailor-made Solution

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