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Matphoto is a company that produces photographic flashes and other tools for professional photographers. It was founded in 1968 and specializes in renting video and photos. They offer a wide selection of lighting, boxes, lenses, and studio accessories. They offer good quality products that their customers can rely on and feel confident about renting.

Business Idea and Challenges

"It is challenging to create UI and UX that gives customers a feel for the image, quality and information of the products, most challenging is to provide product detail and a list of products."

Chris Watson, chief strategy officer at Brightree


  • Design and development of the theme.
  • Compatibility with all major browsers.
  • A progressive disclosure is especially useful for mobile UI (where designers have a limited amount of screen space).
  • Work on the text early since text errors often reveal design flaws.
  • Attempt to avoid revealing all details at the beginning.
  • Label the object in a way that communicates clearly what it does.

Photo & Video rental Specialist in PARIS

Matphoto approached us in need of a complete website redesign. The old design of their website was inaccessible on mobile devices, which is a huge problem to stay competitive in today’s product industry. They also needed to provide a better experience for the user in addition to mobile optimization. The content was cluttered, requiring us to channel Marie Kondo.

We interviewed key stakeholders and audited their current site to identify several goals for the redesign during the discovery phase. We went after increasing engagement on the website and visitors’ length of stay. In addition to increasing return visitors, we wanted people to have a reason to come back to the site. In a third goal, we wanted to make sure visitors were able to easily find the right product and buy it.

Photo & Video rental Specialist in PARIS
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    UX Strategy

    We began the UX strategy phase by understanding and outlining the goals of the redesign. In order to create an engaging user experience, we planned interactive features that would engage, educate, and assist their visitors in finding the right products.

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    To give the function some form, we applied design styles to the wire frames. Redbarn's desire to unveil a new brand identity aligned with the redesign of the website. Through collaboration with the marketing team, our designers integrated refreshed brand assets to create compelling interactive designs that capture the brand personality.

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    We were able to begin testing the site after the content was successfully uploaded. To verify the correct functionality of a fully responsive interactive site, we had to test each page and feature extensively. We verified that everything was working as it should and that all third-party integrations were functioning.

We thoughtfully mapped out the entire user journey

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Express delivery

Simple designs with interactive features created the educational and easy-to-use website Redbarn dreamed of.

One interactive feature we planned out was a fun product picker quiz that helped visitors find customized product recommendations, based on their pets' focus areas, personality, and flavor preferences. We also strategized to include a smart store locator to show visitors where they could purchase desired products, suggested related products, and incorporated social proof through reviews.

Simple designs with interactive features created the <b>educational and easy-to-use website Redbarn dreamed of.</b>

"We thoughtfully mapped out the entire user journey so a cohesive story would be formed while navigating through the different pages on the site. Using wireframes as “blueprints”, we were able to quickly verify and tweak our strategy for optimizing the user experience."

Chris Watson, chief strategy officer at Brightree

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