What to Expect from Magento 2.4 Open Source and Cloud Commerce Platform

July 7, 2020

There are not a lot of rumors flying around about this latest release but there have definitely been rumors about the advancements in the version that can be a part of Open Source, Cloud, Magento 2.4, and Commerce.

What is there in the new update then?

Rumoured to Release in 2020 

Magento 2.4 open source will get released in 2020 with many improvements and featuring a brand new “shiny API”.

You will also be able to have the 2.5-develop segment in the Magento2 project library. 

Steps to Get Magento 2.4.0 

You can have the beta version of this latest update. However, it is just applicable to those who are participating in the Magento Beta Coding.

The chances are better if you find the code of this 2.4.0 version early. The most important developments in this beta version are listed below: 

Beta Release Notes

The primary improvements of this Magento 2.4 open Source are listed below. First of all, the usual upgrades are brought in this version as well such as security changes, platform upgrades, and performance improvements that contain more than 100 bug fixes.

It also contains the quarterly change of backward-incompatibility. Although, there are only minor changes in the new version. 

This beta version is the new release that offers the facility to add security patches that do not need any other functional improvements.

The newer patch version delivers all the hotfixes used to the 2.3.5 release from the version. 

The PWA Studio and Inventory Management are also documented and released standalone. 

Now let’s get into the juice of the Magento commerce 2.4.0 improvements:


There are more than 30 security enhancements in this version. The new features of this version includes XSS vulnerabilities and remote code execution as well. Also there are other upgrades regarding security in this version:

Magento Security

The two-step verification is enabled by default in the admin area. These features are impossible to disable. 

The filter strict mode of template is also available in the system for the components to destroy RCE. 

This e-commerce platform now is also able to destroy JavaScript execution so that it can disable data rendering facilities for User Interface providers.

Another feature is the Security guidelines for content that whitelist some of the inline style and script in .phtml format.


  • Issues with the Customer data section invalidation logic have been reworked, that contained a known issue within the local storage;
  • There have been reworks under the Redis performance as well such as: less CPU cycles consumption, smaller network data transfers and increased efficiency of race conditions for writing operations;
  • The caching sequence for SQL queries has been reworked as well that uses a single SQL query to the inventory_stock_sales_channel (including the inventory stocks) table instead of 16;
  • Reworked Quick Order add-to-cart performance.


  • PHP 7.4 – 7.1 including 7.2 has been disapproved;
  • Elasticsearch 7.x has been added;
  • PHPUnit 9 to 6.5 is also disapproved;
  • MySQL 8.0 has been included;
  • Zend Framework dependencies are now under the Laminas project;
  • In place of MySQL catalog, Elasticsearch has been integrated;
  • MariaDB 10.4 to 10.0 and 10.1 are terminated;
  • The fraud protection script of Signifyd is deleted;
  • The module of Braintree is not available.


  • Methods of third-party Payment have been removed such as: eWay, Authorize.Net, Worldpay, and CyberSource, 
  • Elasticsearch introduces a new word search 
  • PayPal SDK features the PayPal Express Checkout integration;
  • The command line needs to be used instead of SetUp Wizard 
  • There are Better composer plugin updates in the version

Inventory Management

Magento 2.4.0 open source has also enhanced the Inventory Management functionality that includes in-store pickup and bundle product support.

Adobe Stock

This version of Magento 2 Abode Stock integration simplifies the initial procedure by licensing the previews of stock images associated with Media Gallery.

The Media Gallery features a unique searchable interface that allows you to search, sort, and filter up images 30x quicker than the previous versions of this commerce platform. This Abode Stock integration makes this version more viable.


The GraphQL option is also improved in this version. For example, the In-store Inventory functionality is added to the pickup Locations query.

You can also sort out the query categories as per a specific filter that matches it. There is also the option of reorder items that enables the user to include the products transferring from an earlier ordered cart. 

PWA Studio

The updated 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 PWA Studio is also added in Magento 2.4 cloud commerce solution.

Limited-time Admin Accounts

A community participation is coming up that is deemed to be an element of 2.4.0. Back-end accounts can be limited by those who are store runners.

The accounts can be deactivated automatically as a store administrator. These accounts can be deactivated after a specified interval.

It is just taken up as a security step for those third-party experts who need to access your backend. 

Web Payments

This feature helps buyers to make payment quickly and with ease with the help of the stored data in the browser.

Testing Framework

The Magento Functional Testing Framework v3.0.0, you will find MFTF developers that create beyond the frameworks custom actions.

Some of the updates that it carries are mini-folders in test phases, schema updates for test entities, and accumulated assertion syntax.

There are also static checks for tracking the disapproved test elements. 

Latest APIs

It is expected that Magento 2.4 cloud commerce solution is going to introduce brand-new APIs which will open the 2.4 base segments in the 2.4 project repository.

Hence, this results in everyone getting access to this Community. The community pull request will be directed instead to the new sections.

New possibilities pave the way for community contributors to influence all new releases of this e-commerce platform. 

Beta Release Notes

This cloud commerce solution includes all of the attributes Open Source including Page Builder and B2B improvements. 


The order Approval feature can now be leveraged by the user. This feature is targeted for those organizations only who can buy and install approval guidelines for their clients.

Due to this Magento 2.4 cloud commerce solution 2.4.0 specific approval terms can now be created for every company account. These rules include criteria such as line items, order amount, shipping costs, etc. customizable permissions can also be streamlined in this version of this platform. 

A preview of the POs is another enhancement that requires approval included in this 2.4.0. Additionally, a new feature in Purchase Orders allows the user to view all the actions performed on the items.

Email triggers are enhanced in the B2B section of this version. These are all sent to the specified parties for going through approval which is mandatory at all stages. 

Another advancement in the platform is the potential to access as a customer. Multiple customer accounts can be used at the same time in this version.

As an administrator, storefront can now be viewed on the behest of your client. For a control check there is a website access-control section that can monitor and authorize who to log in as a customer.

Keep in mind that orders are available at both admin and storefront on behalf of your clients. Another incredible feature includes as soon as the administrator logs out the system self-destroys all the activities.

Customer passwords are now inaccessible to administrative users which counts as another safety precaution in this version of this platform. Rumors say that it has many unconfirmed improvements. 

Page Builder

It supports PHP 7.4.


These are some of the most promising and rumoured updates about Magento 2.4 cloud commerce and open-source solution. We will keep you posted when something new comes up in this regard.

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