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A Guide to Selecting the Right Odoo Theme for Your Business

by Dharmdip, 09 March 2019 11:48:49 AM



Odoo is among the foremost eCommerce platforms available today. No wonder, advanced Odoo E-commerce themes are increasingly gaining popularity. With fully dynamic Odoo themes easily available, selecting one can prove a challenge. Naturally, you have to consider a few factors when selecting a modern Odoo theme. After all, not every well-crafted theme will suit the requirements of your website. Therefore, you should consider a few factors when browsing Odoo themes for any business or ecommerce stores so you can make an informed decision:

Choose a Professional Design

The last thing you want is for visitors to your store or site considering you unprofessional. When businesses opt for multipurpose themes, they focus more on the visual appeal. However, you have to place yourself in the customer’s shoes to get a clear idea. You need a theme that not only looks great but also makes your business appear professional. You can browse the best Odoo 12 ecommerce themes and select one that you feel gives off the most professional image. So, what’s the key to appearing professional? While there is no shortage of free themes available for Odoo, you are better off going with a premium option. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with browsing free Odoo themes but a premium theme will look your website stand out and come up with many advanced features which help you in odoo development. You also need to realize that Odoo ecommerce themes that are available for free often lack security features and they are not entirely customizable. Don’t risk your reputation and make a great impression on visitors by opting for a premium pixel perfect theme for your business.

Go Responsive

You will find a number of responsive Odoo e-commerce themes that you can choose from. However, you might wonder why you should go responsive. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 60% of your website visitors are likely to load your URL on a mobile device. If you don’t optimize your site for small screens, you are driving away visitors. Your competitors probably envisage this and they will be able to capture the leads you generate. So you cannot compromise on this facet of your store. You have to pick the best Odoo responsive theme. Often, webmasters put off the option of going for a responsive theme simply because they feel it’s a fad that will go away soon. Yet, the statistics clearly show this is not the case. Even Google doesn’t rank websites that don’t have a responsive design. In other words, you are putting the success of your venture at risk if you don’t opt for Odoo responsive themes.

Optimize Your Theme

Nothing drives away visitors to your site than slow loading. You have to make sure that your site loads within a couple of seconds, or you will have no reason to complain about visitors clicking away. Internet don’t have a lot of patience and with thousands of websites to choose from, you shouldn’t expect them to give you any time. You have to consider this factor when selecting a multiple website Odoo theme. The biggest mistake you can make is going for a visually appealing design but at the cost of loading speed. Loading speed is a crucial component of the user experience your site offers. Being judicious with your theme selection can prove essential. Also, you should be tactful when installing plug-ins as well, as they too can slow down the site. Feel free to check out the most dynamic Odoo themes available, but select one that loads quickly. Bootstrap 4 odoo themes can prove a great choice for you.

A Few Suggestions

To make things easier for you, here’s a look at some Odoo themes you can consider for your business. Whether you are seeking a Multi-Websites supported Odoo theme, or a basic layout, the following themes are customizable and flexible:


Alan is a responsive theme suited to virtually every type of eCommerce business. Use the flexible theme to put forth your business in the most creative way possible.

Alan Theme


Based on Bootstrap 4, this theme makes your store look professional and eye-catching at the same time, while also offering a range of snippets.

Laze Theme


If you are seeking an appealing design for your business, Stoneware can prove the ideal Odoo theme for you.

Stoneware Theme

The Tick Tock

This fully-responsive theme enables you to target potential clients on mobile devices with ease.

Tick Tock Theme


Choose any layout that captures your fancy with Glamour, a modular theme that you can customize to meet your requirements.

Glamour Theme


The bottom-line is that your choice of theme matters when setting up an eCommerce store on Odoo. Keep the factors mentioned above in mind and you will be able to choose the best responsive Odoo theme for your site, which helps you retain visitor interest and eventually convert them into customers.