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iOS App Development Trends to be followed in 2018

by Dharmdip, 13 November 2018 03:05:06 PM



iOS App Development Trends in 2018

Nowadays as the trend of Smartphone is increasing the trend of an iOS phone is also increasing. Apple is the company which has immense potential to unlock the future of iOS applications. It all depends on the new tools released by Apple and the updates they are giving after the observation of current market. But you can also look how these trends are influencing the market nowadays.

If we take a look at the market today the trend is changing year after year though, it is having a big impact on the business of any organization. According to the observation, Android apps are overreaching iOS, but people trust iOS applications when it comes to generating more revenue for their business at best Return of investment. Here are the reasons why iOS apps development Companies are providing better security and revenue than Android apps.

Supports Internet of Things (IoT)

When we talk about the internet of things the first thing that comes in mind is things and surrounding devices working on the internet on its own.

The new launch of iOS 12 in 2018 found a new approach for IOT and it is said that this trend is going to continue in 2019 as well. iPhone has slowly become future ready device when it comes to the topic of security issues which concerns IoT device to smartphones. Not much time is left when iOS Application Development will release the potential of connected solutions that has become the part of our daily life. Well, now iOS App development companies should understand to stay along with the trend which can help everyone in many ways and smoothens all the edges related to IoT security system. But in the end, the results are bound to be satisfactory.

Swift 4.2 the aboriginal Programming language of Apple.

Swift is the programming language developed by Apple that supports Linux OS and iOS, as of it can also be precompiled for tvOS, WatchOS,iOS, and MacOS.

This programming language is easy to learn as it is competing C-language today, as it does not have semicolons at the end of the code line which makes it even easier to learn. It is also well known for its scalability and security.

For iOS app developers it is beneficial because applications are easy to develop on it and it does not consume more memory of the device. Such that we can say the iOSApps in 2019 will be faster and securer because of Swift 4.2

Cloud-based Application

Who would not like to save the storage space of their phones? When your phones are linked with cloud-based technologies the fact is given that cloud-based apps on iPhone use less storage space, thus it will be beneficial for you because without using your internal memory you will be able to improve your storage space.

iPhone users can make the most of free cloud storage apps that are available on iCloud which store your backed up pictures and it is secure more than you think.

Mobile payment method will be more User-friendly

Before some years Apple introduced Apple Pay by which you can pay or receive money through the message which makes it totally unique. As when it comes to security, Apple never compromises in it even a bit. Apple pay is robustly secured and one main point why it is not risky to use Apple pay is, it does not store your credit card or debit card details.

Thus because of the efficient mobile payment gateway, Apple pay is balanced to attract the attention of all iPhone users in 2019.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality gives an eye-catching experience of a real world where it uses ARKit which helps in developing a 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) based applications, which have gained a large amount of propulsion these days.

As now iOS developers are moving more towards creating the AR-based applications which can make people enjoy using application more.

Improves Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since Apple introduced Siri, it has gained much fame worldwide. Siri has brought a major change in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is able to understand what people are speaking and searching.

It is also helping in finding answers to important questions and it is also offering GPS pin, which helps you get an access to the Citi App as a task manager.

So, now you can understand why Ai is so important when we talk about iOS application development.


As we have observed that the iOS industry is going through a very important phase and as the trend is moving so fast these days, Apple is also growing faster than we think. With the launch of every new software updates, they come up with new software and with better user experience every time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the updated information about the trend. Thus it is really crucial to update your application on a regular interval of time for best performance.

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